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Milton Sterilising Fluid 500ml

Item Code: AF90000003
Picture of RayQueen - JSH400 Multi-Function Steriliser Silver

RayQueen - JSH400 Multi-Function Steriliser Silver

Item Code: AF90000006
Picture of RayQueen - JSH400S Multi-Function Steriliser Gold

RayQueen - JSH400S Multi-Function Steriliser Gold

Item Code: AF90000007

Choosing A Bottle Sterilizer

Due to their under-deveoped immune systems, babies are easily affected by bacteria and viruses. Therefore, extra-care needs to be given to making sure baby supplies, especially feeding bottles, are clean and sterilised before use. 

As you will need to sterilize the surface and every corner of the feeding bottle, a bottle sterilizer can make the sterilising process very easy, quick and organized for a complete peace of mind. Most bottle brands also make their own sterilizers so that the bottles and small accessories can fit in better with best compatibility. Usually a well-designed bottle sterilizer is able to fit in 4-6 bottles at a time, depending on the brand’s model, which means you can save time and hassle by sterilizing them all in one go.

Some sterilizers will have a built-in heating and defrost function for use in a variety of situations. In addition, some sterilizers can even double as a dryer and storage system with auto turn-off function..   

Baby Bottle Sterilizer Types

All baby bottle sterilizers are designed to effectively kill 99.9% bacteria by using natural steam vapors. Mainly these baby bottle sterilizers come either in electric or microwave designs. Although, It is a matter of personal preference, we would like to point out that with microwave designs, some parents may have concerns about radiation. To save space, parents can opt for a more compact or sleek design that wont take up too much space.

As a precaution before selecting your product, it is recommended as a first step to check which bottles will be compatible with the machine. Then you can consider the added features while comparing products that will work best for you.

As usual for any enquiries when selecting the right product, our expert team is always on hand with all the answers for you!