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Soother & Teethers

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Picture of Avent Soothers 0-6m Night Time Soother

Avent Soothers 0-6m Night Time Soother

Item Code: AF80000001
Picture of Avent Soothers 6-18m Night Time Soother

Avent Soothers 6-18m Night Time Soother

Item Code: AF80000002
Picture of CB Jumpsuit Black/Yellow 18-24 months

CB Jumpsuit Black/Yellow 18-24 months

Item Code: CB13000045

Calming Soothers

All babies are born with a strong sucking reflex and this comes naturally to them, because they are born with the instinct to feed and grow. Therefore, soothers can be life-saving items for parents as it is comforting for babies and surely helps settle them down.

Soothers are healthier and are a much more hygenic option to give to your baby instead of letting them suck on their thumbs, fingers or other objects that are not very safe. 

As the shapes are different for each brand, it is always advisable to stick to the same brand of soothers as the bottles’ that your baby has grown accustomed to. Parents can also scout out the brands that cause less skin irritation and leave fewer marks on their babies cute little face. You always want to keep your baby happy and safe by sucking on something they love!

Teethers for Aching Gums

Some time between 4-7 months, you’ll notice your baby drooling and wanting to bite down on things, and that’s when you know their first tooth is on the way. This teething period can be quite uncomfortable for your baby and make them usually cranky, which may lead to new headaches for parents. 

Tender gums will feel better when light pressure is applied, and teethers are designed to soothe your baby’s gums when it is itchy during the teething phase. Equally important, it also gives them something to chomp on other than their own fingers (or an assortment of objects). Cooling teethers are more popular for some parents as they create a cooling effect to soothe the aching in your baby’s gums.

There are also a variety of designs and materials for your baby’s chewing pleasure, so that they won't have the urge to munch on random or unhealthy items. They come in all types of materials, such as rubber, silicone, plastic or wood.