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Picture of PL Disposable Toilet Covers 20's

PL Disposable Toilet Covers 20's

Item Code: AB40000003
Picture of Pourty Potty
Picture of SI Step by Step Potty

SI Step by Step Potty

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Picture of PL WeePod Toilet Trainer

PL WeePod Toilet Trainer

Item Code: AB10000031

A Baby Potty for Hong Kong Children

Although using a baby potty is a new skill that every child has to learn eventually, it can't be rushed. The best approach is to take it slowly, patiently, and at your child’s own pace. Usually, a child is ready for potty training at around 2 years old but there is no set age. It is important to note that each child is unique and we must not follow the stereotypes blindly. 

As a parent, you may introduce the concept of potty training to your child when you think your child is able to understand and follow what you are saying. This is a big step for your child, so this concept needs to be gently introduced to him/her, and followed by patience on your part.

First step towards this would be to buy a baby potty. A baby potty that is kept near a designated spot, where it is clearly visible during everyday to your child, can help familiarize your child to the object first, and then the concept as well. 

Potty Training for Hong Kong Babies

The second step in the process is to socialize with friends and family who have older children that are already potty trained. Learning from other parents who have gone through the process and have the experience would be most beneficial, and would also help manage expectations.

Having said that, potty training in Hong Kong should be an easy task as our lifestyle here revolves around socializing with friends mostly! So, it will surely be easy for you to try and socialize with a group of mothers who are already familiar with potty training their children.

Just remember, the process cant be forced as it will only complicate the process. The child has to be ready mentally and physically to accept being dry and clean. You can help encourage the idea and the process will undoubtedly get easier as they mature.