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Picture of Abena Premium Maternity Pads 14s

Abena Premium Maternity Pads 14s

Item Code: AT80000003

Lansinoh HPA Lanolin 10ml Tube

Item Code: AT80000010

Lansinoh Ultra Thin, Stay Dry Nursing Pads 24

Item Code: AT80000015

Lansinoh Lanolin 40ml

Item Code: AT80000013

Our Products for New Moms

Motherhood is glorious and exciting, yet can be overwhelming for some. Not only are there conflicting advice from multiple sources, but the choice for each type of product in our marketplace is simply mind-boggling. So how should new moms choose the right products to help them navigate through the early stages of parenthood? Not to worry, because Baby Basics has you well covered.

Maternity Pads for After Birth

Right after your child is born, new moms will experience bleeding from their wombs, with the heaviest being in the first few days of postpartum.

At Baby Basics, we care about our new moms, and we carry a range of postpartum recovery aid products. We offer a range of maternity pads, which are bigger and more absorbent pads that help moms get through this phase. Maternity pads should be an essential part of your hospital bags. Our brands offered for maternity pads are popular not only in Hong Kong, but also most European countries. Particularly, a noteworthy brand that we highly recommend is Natracare, which is bio-degradable and can be composted to dispose.

No-Leak Nursing Pads

As can be imagined, breastfeeding is quite an experience for new moms. As the experts have pointed out, breastfeeding has always been nature’s best food for your baby, so a lot of new moms need to at least give it a try at first.

This phase can be challenging and leakages can be a headache for moms, therefore nursing pads should be an essential item for all breastfeeding moms. As your milk just came in, it is not uncommon for moms to encounter an oversupply which can leave clothes stained.

At Baby Basics, we offer an easy fix for this as we carry a range of nursing pads that are either disposable or washable to soak up any escaping breast milk. You may choose either according to your own preference.