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Picture of Summer Infant Live Cam (Wireless Cam)

Summer Infant Live Cam (Wireless Cam)

Item Code: AS40000001
Picture of Angelcare AC215 Video, Movement & Sound Monitor

Angelcare AC215 Video, Movement & Sound Monitor

Item Code: AS40000009

Baby Monitor & Camera for Hong Kong Babies

Babies are curious and fragile before they come into age, and depending on their lifestyles, parents simply cannot be present in the same room every minute of every day. A baby monitor for Hong Kong parents is popular as they provide an added sense of security for parents as they can remotely keep an eye out on small babies and young children. They tend to offer more options and instant information for letting you know when something might have gone wrong at a particular moment. 

Technology in this area has certainly come a long way, and different brands now make different types of monitors, mostly with video feed. A baby monitor in Hong Kong typically provides audio and/or video monitoring so you may choose according to your preference. Usually, any video feed comes with night vision as standard, so that you can conveniently keep a lookout as they sleep from the next room. Also, they can come with cloud-storage or built-in storage for future reference. For certain high-end monitors, it may come with built-in temperature and humidity measurements, or even movement-sensitive alerts.

A high-quality baby camera for Hong Kong babies is another piece of kit that you may consider instead of dedicated monitor sets. A baby camera is designed to directly pair with all major smart devices where the camera works without any need for Wi-Fi connection or mobile network service. These cameras allow you to stream a live video and audio feed to check in on your baby or child at anytime when you are away from the house.

Secondary features for parents to consider include picture quality such as 1080p video, or a pan-and-tilt function which may come in handy if you wish to periodically scan the entire room. What’s more, these products can even double as home security cameras!