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The Milton brand belongs to a French Group, Laboratoire Rivadis, since 2000. The Rivadis Group is a family owned group established in 1971. 

Laboratoire Rivadis fully dedicates itself to the protection of babies and families by developing and marketing eco-friendly hygiene and skincare products for all ages, with a strong medical endorsement. A high majority of Laboratoire Rivadis products, including Milton, are used and trusted by health professionals in French hospitals, maternity wards and nurseries.

For Milton, the aim is to produce high quality products with the majority of Milton products being produced in the UK or France following the highest manufacturing standards. All Milton products are clinically tested to guarantee the best efficacy for your baby and their family. We aim to develop products which are safe to use around babies and will protect them against germs.

At Milton we have a team of dedicated people based in the UK, to ensure that you find our products near you. Our team includes many young parents with babies and young children, who will not compromise on the Milton product quality and efficacy.