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HiPP Growing Up Milk 1-2y 600g

Item Code: AF70000006

Holle Infant Formula 2 600g

Item Code: AF70000021

Holle Infant Formula 3 600g

Item Code: AF70000023

Aptamil Follow On Milk 2, 6-12 Months 800g

Item Code: AF70000018

Physiolac HA Infant Formula

Item Code: AF70000029

Physiolac AR 1 Formula

Item Code: AF70000030

Physiolac AR 2 Formula

Item Code: AF70000031

Choosing The Right Milk Powder

Although experts would recommend that breastfeeding is the best for your newborn baby, there are many reasons this might not be the right solution for families. When breastfeeding does not work, milk powder can literally be your lifesaver!

Formula milk powder is formulated to provide all the essential nutrients to your growing baby from newborn to until they are weaned out of milk. There are a lot of different brands of milk powder in Hong Kong, and finding the best one for your baby can be quite a headache. Although all formulas need to meet strict health requirements from authorities, all manufacturer formulas are different and some may not be well-suited for your baby.

Mainly, there are either organic or regular formulas that are available in powder form. Organic baby milk powder has gained more popularity with parents nowadays as the ingredients are assured to be free of chemical intervention. There are also formulas that are recognised to have recipes that are closest to breast milk you might consider.

Baby Milk for Hong Kong Babies

Baby milk in Hong Kong is easy to find in various supermarkets, pharmacists and baby retail stores, but at Baby Basics we carry a variety of popular brands that we import directly from the UK. 

Parents can be assured that these are internationally-renowned market leaders in their fields. The quality of their product is top-notch, and they have been through rigorous testing and trails. As our stock is directly sourced from our supplier networks based in the UK, our supply is both reliable and diversified.

If parents are interested in knowing more about the ingredients or any product details on baby milk powder, simply speak with our experienced professionals at Baby Basics and they can fill you in on all the details!