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The best from nature.

The best for nature.

Hipp Organic pride themselves on sourcing organic ingredients from sustainable farms. The weaning range includes a selection of puree pouches, fruit pots, meals in trays or jars, and breakfast cereals. 

HiPP Organic Milk

Fulfilling your baby’s nutritional needs should  always the top-most priority for any parent. Although breast milk is best for your baby because of its natural benefits, formula milk can be very useful and god-sent boost for mothers who, for a variety of reasons, may be unable to breastfeed their baby. However, this brings the question - Which brand should you choose?

HiPP, a family-owned company based in Germany, is a brand name that has been very popular around the world, especially for families in Europe. HiPP organic is well-known for making nutritionally complete formulas that are suitable from birth to one year of age.

HiPP milk is an organic, cow’s milk-based formula that  is free from chemical pesticides. The company uphold strict safety standards and professional care is taken to ensure that the cows are free to graze in pesticide free farms. HiPP milk is also produced in a sustainable production system that is in tandem with the nature.

At Baby Basics, we carry various popular brands of formula milk for your newborn and above babies. Simply browse our online catalogue for the best organic formulas from HiPP and other renowned brands.

The HiPP Baby Formula

Founded over a century ago, the HiPP baby formula is quality tested at every stage of production so you can be assured that each batch meets stringent EU organic standards. They only offer tried and tested products that give your baby the best start in life.

What’s more, the HiPP baby formula could be your baby’s single most important source of nutritional needs, including vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids, if you need to supplement your baby’s diet.

Their formula contains dietary fibers that closely replicates those that are found in breast milk, ensuring they are safe for consumption by your baby, as well as natural lactose, and  no artificial sweeteners are used.

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HiPP Growing Up Milk 1-2y 600g

Item Code: AF70000006