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Gates & Playpens


Setting Up A Baby Gate

When your baby starts crawling or walking, that is when you want to barricade certain areas where they might run into safety hazards. In a typical household, the kitchen and staircases pose the worst safety hazard for babies or young children.

During this phase, parents can use a baby gate to create a barrier for stopping young children entering such rooms or areas and safely out of harm’s way. A baby gate is designed to be either pressure-mounted or wall-mounted, and come in different width configurations to fit into normal or wider door frames.

To reduce risk, it is advisable to get a baby gate that is at least your child’s height to reduce the probability of them climbing easily over the gate. Gate spacing is also another aspect to consider, as you would not want their arms or legs getting caught. Furthermore, look out and stay away from designs that have exposed screws or sharp ends to avoid injury to your baby.

Playpens for Hong Kong Babies

When your baby starts crawling that is when you will need to be extra cautious and start babyproofing your house. Even after using a lot of safety measures around the house, a lot of parents will use a playpen to provide a safe, enclosed space for their baby to play in.

Mainly parents have a choice of buying either plastic, wooden or metal playpens in Hong Kong. By using a secluded area where your baby can play and crawl freely, parents can be assured about their babies’ safety. While you should not leave your baby unattended for any extended period of time, a playpen will definitely give parents a breathing space. 

Parents can also consider a more compact design if they are short on space, or perhaps choose one that is made of materials that can be easily maintained and kept clean.