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Breast Pumps

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Picture of NatureBond Silicone Breast Pump wit Pump Stopper Pack

Breast Pump Types

As breastfeeding is the most natural and encouraged way of feeding your newborn baby, we believe that you should always consider trying different ways to promote lactation in your body. We are fortunate to live in a time when we have multiple choices of solutions available conveniently, so that your baby is kept well-fed.

One of the most popular theories adopted by modern mothers is that you should empty your breast so that the body is encouraged to produce more milk to compensate. A breast pump is designed to do exactly that, and to help ensure your baby gets all their needs. Your breast pump is designed to express milk from breasts with minimal effort, while getting maximum results from it.

Mothers should note there are differences between a manual and electronic breast pump. One key difference is that for the manual type, you will have to continuously use hand motions to express the milk. This may be an option for mothers who stay at home and only occasionally require pumping. Manual pumps are also lower in price by comparison. 

Electronic pumps on the other hand, are equipped with a motor unit which does the pumping action/function for you that expresses milk out of breasts. Although higher in price, the electric does the work for you, and therefore may come in handy for those mothers who work and are short on time, or those who pump very frequently.

A Safe & Convenient Breast Pump Bag

Breast pump bag products are also available in our market to make it convenient for mothers to store their expressed milk safely and efficiently. Breast pump bags can serve as a container and are designed to fit with the pumps so that the expressed milk can be directly pumped into the bags.