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Baby Food in Hong Kong

Introducing solid food to a baby is one of the greatest milestones in your baby’s life as it starts to help them shape food and eating patterns. Most experts in the medical field suggest starting your baby on solid foods at around 6 months. However, as some babies have extra-sensitive tummies, parents are encouraged to seek professional advice from their pediatrician on whether their baby is ready for solid foods, and if so which foods to introduce, and also when. They will consider the current health, age, and nutritional needs of your baby, and make the appropriate recommendation.

There are a lot of excellent and delicious baby food brands available now in the market, and they are all packed with essential nutrients. Often a lot of parents think that baby food means cereals mixed in milk and a few assorted baby jar food. However, with rapid advances in area, the market is now flooded with many different brands offering their own recipes as complete meals on the go. Hence, it has now become very easy for active parents to take their babies outside and include them in their outdoor activities. In fact, parents (and babies) are all spoilt for choice!

At Baby Basics, we have curated an exciting range of baby foods from internationally-renowned brands such as Bear, Heavenly, Organix Goodies, Ella’s Kitchen and LF Organic. These are brands customer trust and have the products that have been proven to work best for all families. Their products bring a peace of mind, variety and convenience for parents, and most importantly, nutrition for your baby. Overwhelmed with the choice, and not sure which baby food in Hong Kong is best for your baby? Our experts at Baby Basics have all the answers for you!